It is a sweet design and a bit more subtle than the other two styles

24. února 2018 v 3:15
Not only are the prints bold and gorgeous, there is a shimmer toe cap on the front of the shoe as well as a shimmering strip on the heel to truly set off the colors on the remaining part of the shoe. Stacey Pumps - Solid glossy patent leather upper, solid color as well over most of the shoe.

Very pretty, very bold. They have a lovely and traditional pump style and are available in black or red shiny patent - either color has the famous "Love Kills Slowly" tattoo inspired print on the toe part of the shoe. These feature a triple faux leather strap across the toe area of the shoe to add a more feminine appearance. There may be other Ed Hardy Flats in the months to come, but these four styles are perfect for ladies who love a style that could be said to be "out of the fringe"!

However - from the reviews I have seen with these shoes there is a problem with the back of the shoe rubbing and being less than comfortable and more difficult to wear than the other shoes listed above. In the fashion world, 2009 could easily be called, "The year of Ed Hardy"! Ed Hardy Flats are no exception to this - they now are available in several different styles. Sin City - Rather than having prints to set this style apart, these shoes feature bold silver studs on the left and right sides. Lovely! Twisty - These have a similar general look to the Chelsea, however the toe cap is made from a solid color suede rather than a shimmering fabric. These flats have a more feminine appearance being closer to a pastel general shade and a fun bow tie on the outside-front of the shoe. However, with the increased number of styles so far in the entire collection I expect we will see more designs come available in the months and years to come. These have a similar appearance (in general pump style - not the print) to the Hampton, without the triple straps across the front. Rock Away Pumps - These pumps do live up to their name that is for sure. As long as you love the bold fashionable looks offered with this brand, there is likely one of these that you will love: Chelsea - These flats have a quilted patent faux leather upper, each color having a distinctly different selection from the Ed Hardy prints. Those three styles from the Ed Hardy Pumps collection are the highlights.The Ed Hardy Rock Art world has moved into the arena of high heel shoes - Ed Hardy Pumps are truly something to behold!

Three of the styles that are most loved include the Hampton, Rock Away and Stacey, each style having its own distinct look. Even though these are a bit more feminine than the style above, there is absolutely no lack of bold patterns and style. Hampton Pumps - These struck me as being the most beautiful of the three styles. Suede toe cap with signature on the side - very colorful with bold and striking patterns. Colors are solid - there are some gorgeous bright shades to choose from as well as solid black.

It is a sweet design and a bit more subtle than the other two styles. The famous signature logo is printed on the sides of the shoe in the front. Another "set off" for this style from Ed Hardy is the leather overlay on the heel part of the shoe that is cut into what appears to be a lightning bolt pattern. Eye Candy - These truly live up to their name in terms of appearance! They are absolutely gorgeous and are available in several colors and prints. The peep toe in the front of the shoe truly sets these shoes apart and adds a real touch of femininity. The centrifugal pump Suppliers "Ed Hardy" logo is across the right side of the toe cap. They are available in a few different colors and although the majority of the outside of the shoe is a single shade there is the tattoo-inspired "Love Kills Slowly" printed on the back. They have a classic basic pump cut and design, shiny patent upper with traditional Ed Hardy prints not only on the outside of the shoe but the inside as well.

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