These generic test strips are called generic glucose reagent

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Diabetes test strips vary based on which chemical, or reagent, is used to react with the sugar in the blood.Glucose control solution work just as blood would with your diabetic meter and your blood glucose test strips. Generic Test Strips While all meter manufacturers make test strips that are designed specifically for use with their meters, you may be able to find generic test strips, that generally cost significantly less, to fit your meter. Each diabetes glucose tablets and test strip system works differently; some meters use light reflected from the test strip to measure the amount of sugar in the blood, while other systems rely upon electricity generated from the chemical reaction in the test strip. Be sure to check with the manufacturer of your meter to ensure that the generic test strips you purchase will be compatible with your Diabetes meter.

This is due to the fact that your diabetes control solution contains just enough glucose to react with the test strips similarly to when you perform a glucose blood test. . The three chemical bases used to make test strips are: Glucose oxidase (GLOO-kohs ok-si-deys), dehydrogenase (DEE-hy-druh-juh-neys) and hexokinase (hek-SUH-Ky-neys). peripheral pump Calibrate regularly. The Diabetes Control Solution range is usually found on the package of diabetes test strips and Diabetes Insulin Pump.

In order to use a test strip properly, a small blood sample is drawn from the body using a lancet. Test strips are designed to be paired with specific meters. Diabetic Control Solutions are important tools for ensuring the accuracy and reliability of your blood glucose monitor and your blood glucose test strips. Glucose Test Strip Diabetes test strips, also called glucometer test strips, are used with a Diabetes meter to help measure the level of sugar (glucose) in the blood stream.

These generic test strips are called generic glucose reagent strips. The manufacturer of each Diabetic meter determines which chemical is used for each particular style of Diabetic test strip. The sample is placed on the blood glucose test strip and then run through the Diabetes meter.

Things to remember when purchasing Glucose Control Solution: Each brand of Diabetes Control Solution is made for that specific brand of diabetes blood glucose test strips and not necessarily for that specific brand of diabetes meter. Why should you use Diabetes Control Solutions? To practice monitoring your blood sugar levels (important for recently diagnosed diabetics) To determine if a new meter is functioning properly, this serves as a way to calibrate your diabetes meter To make sure your blood glucose meter and Glucose Test Strips are not damaged, if your meter has fallen accidentally or if your vial of glucometer test strips have been left open or in the heat. If an error occurs, follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to isolate and correct the error.

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