The inefficiency in the sleeping hours is also a crucial factor

17. dubna 2018 v 4:11
Today most of us like to work under an environment that provides air conditioning, luxuriant amenities and yellow food. A recent survey conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) reveals that probability of youth suffering from the heart ailments have increased from 8% to 15%. Call center outsourcing activities have supported a great number of youth to earn some good money in an excellent and luxurious environment. But, what is the use of such life, if it makes us sick and takes our life only for the sake of earning some extra money. Last but not the least the food habits (high cholesterol diets) are the biggest enemies.

The inefficiency in the sleeping hours is also a crucial factor that is adding more color to the problem. Symptoms like high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, diabetes, etc. Though the working style has been changed to a better level, the percentage of falling in the prey of cardiac diseases has not been reduced yet. These heart diseases are direct result of stressful work schedules and a private lifestyle of the people. There are numerous researches and studies that are conducted to find out the data that are usually associated with these complex matters. Research shows that the average age at which an individual may suffer a heart attack has reduced from 45 years to less than 30 years.

It is also seen that people in these sectors adopts a habit of smoking, drinking, etc. Heart Diseases imply multiple abnormalities that affect the muscle of heart or the blood vessels of the heart. Heart disease and other cardiovascular disease forms can march to congestive heart failure. in order to make themselves more relaxed from the continuous stress of CAll Center Outsourcing firms. are some of the most common.

This leads to the abnormality in the normal heartbeat and termed as arrhythmia as per the medical dictionary. In order to stay away from these deadly symptoms it is recommended that youth should relax rather than having a focus on earning some extra money sitting back in the workstations. Stress is directly linked to coronary heart diseases. Regular exercise, Yoga, meditation and balanced diet are the basic keys to a healthy heart. The style of wok in the professional environment has been changing in the recent years.

This can seriously mislead the doctors for a better treatment. . In this condition, it is usually a state in which the heart cannot pump sufficient blood to meet the requirements of the human body. Today, most of the people from age group of 30-40 are facing serious heart ailments that are pulling them to the bed of death. Smoking as a passion or a habit is one of the main element that is increasing the health hazard.

The people in the IT industry have been facing some serious problems with these ailments.We all like to develop a lifestyle that is full of comfort and luxury. These symptoms are more prevalent with the people that engineering machinery parts are engaged in a BPO industry/IT sector. This people hardly consult any doctor for a better health check-up and try to hide the lifestyle habits.

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